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Role: API Product Owner


An API product owner operates at the intersection where API clients and providers meet. This leads to a constant struggle between fulfilling clients’ wishes and keeping the API on POINT and economically viable.

Information and Modeling Need

API product owners care about and require/produce information related to:

Just like application and integration architects specializing on distributed systems and APIs, they wear six hats according to a blog post by James Higginbotham (and his Twitter network): API trendspotter, API reviewer, API risk assessor, API advocate, API creator, and API planner.


Roles to communicate with:

Consumed/Produced Artifacts and Applied Practices

The API product owner participates in these activities (tasks):

The API product owner is responsible for the following artifacts:

In a contributor or reviewer role, (s)he might also work with/on:

More Information

“Beyond Software Architecture” by Luke Hohmann is not API-specific, but covers software product management.

Data Provenance

title: "Design Practice Repository (DPR): API Product Manager"
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date: "03, 27, 2021"
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