Summaries of artifacts, templates, practices, and techniques for agile architecting (DPR-mm) and service design (SDPR-nn).

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Role: Application and Integration Architect

also known as: Coding Architect (to indicate strong connection to development)


Archie Tekt, who first appeared in 2003 in “Perspectives on Web services” by Olaf Zimmermann, Mark Tomlinson, and Stefan Peuser, cares about the structure of and decisions about code packages and configuration artifacts, as well as their dependencies. Development should be productive, the developed software simply and quick to change. It should meet its performance, scalability, and security requirements at runtime. Archie primarily uses the logical and the implementation viewpoints (in the 4+1 view model), but occasionally also gets involved with the scenario viewpoint and the process viewpoint (for instance, in reviews).

Philippe Kruchten has an article “What do software architects really do?” that describes the persona well. But do not forget that architects (like all people) are different!

Olaf Zimmermann’s blog “The Concerned Architect” provides short articles with examples of everyday problems (and solutions to them, including those that made it into DPR already).

Information and Modeling Need

Application architects worry about and need:


Consumed/Produced Artifacts and Applied Practices

Phase Consumed Produced Comments
Analysis User Stories, Use Cases Non-functional requirements, for instance in the form of Quality Attribute Scenarios Iteratively refined
Design Legacy system descriptions, external interfaces CRC Cards, Decision log comprising of ADRs (for instance Y-Statements), architecture design models Both produced and consumed
Implementation and test Code, test specifications, and reports Reviews Not in scope of DPR at present
Evolution and maintenance Change requests, bug reports Architectural refactorings Not in scope of DPR at present

The applied practices include Story Splitting and Strategic Domain-Driven Design.

More Information

See the guest editorial of the special theme issue of IEEE Software “The Role of the Software Architect in the Digital Age” by Gregor Hohpe, Ipek Ozkaya, Uwe Zdun, and Olaf Zimmermann for a retrospective of the field and a discussion of role vs. responsibility.

The Architect Elevator visits the different facets of the profession, provides tips and tricks for being successful on each level, and gives additional reading recommendations.

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