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Microservice DSL (MDSL)

A Domain-Specific Language (DSL) to specify (micro-)service contracts, their data representations and API endpoints.

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Jolie Specification Generator

The Jolie generator is invoked in the same way as the other generators. It creates a single Jolie file that contains both type information, a service interface and an input port. A corresponding client can easily be developed, but is not generated yet.

Note that Jolie comes with a tool called jolie2wsdl, which can convert the interface into a WSDL port type and XML Schema for the data types. A ready-to-execute command is generated into the Jolie specification as a comment (appearing at the bottom of the file).


You can generate the Jolie specification out of an MDSL model by using the MDSL Eclipse plugin or our CLI.

In Eclipse, you find the generator in the MDSL context menu:

Jolie Generator Context Menu in Eclipse

When working with the CLI, the following command generates the Jolie specification:

mdsl -i model.mdsl -g jolie

Hint: Both plugin and CLI generate the file into the src-gen folder located in the project root directory (Eclipse plugin) or the directory from which the mdsl command has been called (CLI). The directory is created automatically in case it does not already exist.


The following example illustrates what the generator produces for an exemplary MDSL contract.

You find the complete sources (incl. generated *.ol (Jolie) file) of this example here.

We use the following MDSL model, featured in this blog post, to illustrate our generator outputs:

API description ReferenceManagementServiceAPI

data type PaperItemDTO { "title":D<string>, "authors":D<string>, "venue":D<string>, "paperItemId":PaperItemKey }
data type PaperItemKey { "doi":D<string> }
data type createPaperItemParameter { "who":D<string>, "what":D<string>, "where":D<string> }

endpoint type PaperArchiveFacade
    operation createPaperItem
      with responsibility STATE_CREATION_OPERATION
        payload createPaperItemParameter
        payload PaperItemDTO
    operation lookupPapersFromAuthor
      with responsibility RETRIEVAL_OPERATION
        payload D<string>
        payload PaperItemDTO*
    operation convertToMarkdownForWebsite
        payload PaperItemKey
        payload D<string>

For the MDSL contract above the generator produces the following *.ol file:

// API name: ReferenceManagementServiceAPI

type PaperItemDTO {
  anonymous7: void { title: string /* data type role: D */ authors: string /* data type role: D */ venue: string /* data type role: D */ paperItemId: PaperItemKey } 

type PaperItemKey {
  anonymous8: void { doi: string /* data type role: D */ } 

type createPaperItemParameter {
  anonymous9: void { who: string /* data type role: D */ what: string /* data type role: D */ where: string /* data type role: D */ } 

// operation responsibility: RETRIEVAL_OPERATION
type lookupPapersFromAuthorRequestDTO {
  anonymous3: string /* data type role: D */ 

type lookupPapersFromAuthorResponseDTO {
  anonymous4[0,*]: PaperItemDTO 

// operation responsibility: STATE_CREATION_OPERATION
type createPaperItemRequestDTO {
  anonymous1: createPaperItemParameter 

type createPaperItemResponseDTO {
  anonymous2: PaperItemDTO 

// operation responsibility: undefined
type convertToMarkdownForWebsiteRequestDTO {
  anonymous5: PaperItemKey 

type convertToMarkdownForWebsiteResponseDTO {
  anonymous6: string /* data type role: D */ 

type SOAPFaultMessage {
  code: int
  text: string
  actor: string
  details: string

// interface/endpoint role: INFORMATION_HOLDER_RESOURCE
interface PaperArchiveFacade {
  createPaperItem( createPaperItemRequestDTO )( createPaperItemResponseDTO ),
  lookupPapersFromAuthor( lookupPapersFromAuthorRequestDTO )( lookupPapersFromAuthorResponseDTO ),
  convertToMarkdownForWebsite( convertToMarkdownForWebsiteRequestDTO )( convertToMarkdownForWebsiteResponseDTO ),

inputPort PaperArchiveFacadePort {
  location: "socket://localhost:8080" 
  protocol: soap
  interfaces: PaperArchiveFacade

// sample conversion to WSDL/SOAP:
// jolie2wsdl --namespace "" --portName PaperArchiveFacadePort --portAddr "localhost:8080" --outputFile EndToEndDemoPaperArchiveFacade.wsdl EndToEndDemo.ol
// The WSDL could be viewed/analyzed at:


You find the complete sources (incl. generated Jolie file) of this example here.

Jolie to WSDL and XML Schema

Run this command (that comes with Jolie) to convert the Jolie port (and interface) into a WSDL port (and port type):

jolie2wsdl --namespace "" --portName [inputPortName] --portAddr "localhost:8080" --outputFile [wsdlFileName] [jolieFileName]

See above for an example.

The generated WSDL can then be validated and viewed online on this website: Analyze & Compare WSDLs.

Other Generators

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